M&M Tax Service has been serving our clients since 1973.  We are a family run business.  Mel Marien Sr. has been doing taxes since 1973.  Before then, he received a degree in Culinary and Business Management from San Francisco State University.  He received his Accounting degree from San Francisco State University.

Mel is followed by his oldest son Mel Marien Jr. who received his credentials in 2005 from H&R Block, and he has been working with M&M Tax Service for the last 10+ year. He shares the same passion as his father and he has recently opened a new branch in Utah!

In 1973 he started what is today known as M&M Tax Service.  He has a passion for helping people with numbers, and doing the best he can to help them.

Today, he is joined by his son Jedi Marien, returning to the business.

They hope that with the loyalty and consistency of their clients, they can grow into a bigger and much broader company, and keep the business strong within the family.